Thank you for your interest in my work.  I started my career in photography in 2001 as a newspaper photojournalist. Friends of friends began asking if I would shoot their weddings. I shot my first 12 or so weddings on 35mm film completely terrified.

Now hundreds of weddings later,  I'm shooting film again and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. Although I never set out to become a 'wedding photographer', I soon learned just how much I love it. I am proud to document real lives and record what will become  a family heirloom. There is nothing more exciting or magical than capturing true emotion and beautiful vignettes to record a special time in someone’s life. I am so honored to continue working with couples and their families, I always seem to work with the most kind and extraordinary people.

Over the years I've been fortunate to combine my love for travel with my work. Thank I'm currently booking 2018/2019 and am excited for a great year ahead! Thanks again. 


Natalie has a MA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).


kind words


"One look at Natalie’s work and you instantly recognize that she is a brilliant photographer.  Her images tell a story.  They convey powerful emotion.  They instantly transport you to a beautiful moment frozen in time.   I’ve been lucky enough to work with Natalie on countless weddings, including my own, so I know how talented she is behind the camera.  It’s her heart that makes her different. She genuinely cares about people.  I’ve seen her crawl, climb, hang, and sprint to get the perfect shot.  She’s a remarkable talent and a beautiful soul that sees the beauty in everything.  There’s no one I love working with more!"  

- Jennifer


"Hands down, choosing Natalie to capture my wedding was the best decision I could’ve made. Aside from her ability to make you feel like your best friend is taking only the most flattering pictures of you, she has the artistic inclination to capture those special moments between two people in love – a gentle hand, a knowing glance or an ecstatic laughter. She truly cares about her clients and shares in every moment of their joy!"  

-  Aleisha



We could not be happier with our pick in Natalie Watson Photography. Natalie is exemplary at her craft and the best investment we could have made for our wedding. Every single photo came back beautiful, dreamy, magazine-worthy. She is also an absolute JOY to be around and communicate with leading up to the day. She took a lot of care to focus on what was important to us. Natalie also went above and beyond to take flattering shots, to the extent that she carted around a little step ladder for the perfect high (read-skinny) angles!

Thank you Natalie! You are a gem, an artist and the best investment we could have ever made!! 

- Alley


"Natalie doesn't only have an amazing eye for beautiful, artistic photographs, she also has the most fun personality! After using Natalie for bridal portraits and wedding photographs, I have been excited to have her photograph our family as we grow. I plan to use Natalie to capture our family's milestones, so she may be stuck with us for a lifetime!"

- Molly


"We hired Natalie as our wedding photographer in 2009 after she was recommended by a friend. She did our engagement pictures, my bridal portraits, and our wedding day. Natalie made us feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process. The results are natural and candid photos that truly capture the little moments we wanted to remember from our wedding day. Our relationship with Natalie as our photographer has come full circle... we most recently hired her to take photos announcing our first pregnancy and just finished our first photoshoot as a family of three! She is a joy to work with and her work is always stunning!"

- Rebecca

"Natalie was amazing to work with. I had fallen in love with her style after viewing pictures of hers and I quickly filled out an online submission form on the website for more information. Natalie called the next day, which I think is extremely rare in the wedding industry. This made me feel like she truly cared about working with us. From our phone chats prior to the wedding, to the wedding day itself, it felt more like a friend was taking the photos than a photographer. Her patience, expertise, and creativity were noted by all those in the wedding party and we were so lucky to have had her photographing the biggest moment of our life.

- Kara


"As I was researching wedding photographers, I kept going back to Natalie's website.  I was drawn to her ability to capture real moments and turn them into artwork. From the moment we spoke on the phone, Natalie's outgoing, yet calm and confident demeanor, reassured me that I had found the perfect photographer! We met for the first time on my wedding day because we live in two different states. With limited direction from me, she was able to coordinate an efficient schedule with all of my vendors, wedding party, and family, so that I could relax and soak in every other detail of the day. Trusting Natalie with photographing my wedding day was hands down the best decision I made during the wedding planning process. When I received the pictures I was moved to tears of joy! She exceeded all of my expectations! Not only does she have the talent to capitalize on the lighting and every detail of the setting, but she also managed to take incredible candid shots that portrayed  the true personalities of me, my husband, and all of our guests! Because of her, I am able to re-live my wedding day every day. Natalie is a dream come true to work with and produces work that is truly magical. "

- Lindsay

"I wanted someone whose work I could trust, knowing the end product would turn out fabulous, but I also wanted someone who I could be myself with all day- no filters! I was so lucky to have found that with Natalie! Good photographers can take pictures of special moments; great photographers, like this special lady, are ones that make you feel so comfortable ensuring these genuine moments actually occur. Love her and her impeccable work! Especially her work with film" 😍

- Paula

"Natalie was the best decision of our wedding planning process! We wanted to remember every aspect of our day -  all of the natural beauty of where we were married in Northern California and fall in love all over again. Our photographs did just that and then some! Natalie is just the sweetest person and it was obvious from that start that she cares deeply for what she does and who she does it for. We couldn't have been more pleased!

- Katarina


"I can’t say enough amazing things about Natalie! I knew I always wanted her as my wedding photographer but she exceeded my expectations. Her work is flawless."

- Lindsey

"Eight years married and the wedding photos Natalie took still bring the biggest smile to my face. She captured the magic of my wedding day and I'm forever grateful."   - Emily

"We feel really lucky that Natalie photographed our wedding. We had a very small and simple destination wedding without many details, but you wouldn't have guessed it from the photographs as Natalie took full advantage of our beautiful surroundings in Turks & Caicos. Natalie also perfectly captured the intimate nature of our tiny wedding. Despite tropical storm-strength winds that threatened to bring our wedding indoors, Natalie kept me calm and even acted as my emergency hairstylist when the wind took my hair down. All of our guests loved her and we couldn't be happier!"  

- Emily